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  1. Honey has been documented as natural antibiotic, It has antibacterial & anti-inflammatory properties.
  2. Honey used to cure asthma, vision problems, stress and sleep disturbance, eczema, dermatitis, vomiting, burns, arthritis, high blood pressure, obesity.
  3. Processed & packed in a very hygienic condition.
  4. We ensure that the packing is good enough to avoid transportation impact.
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The Honey you buy from big brands and supermarkets are highly processed and ultra-filtered to standardize it’s taste, texture and flavour. Unfortunately, this processing destroys all the beneficial properties of the Honey and makes it a mere sugar syrup because if you heat Honey to more than 45 degrees Celsius all the beneficial enzymes in the Honey gets destroyed. Also the ultra-filtration removes all the pollen in the Honey which is what gives each bottle of Honey it’s unique taste and flavour.

Taste, flavour and texture of the Honey varies depending on the flowers, season and region from which the Bees collect nectar. But the Honey you buy from the super market tastes, smells and feels the same throughout the year.


Health benefits of Honey:

  1. In Ayurveda since the ancient times, it has been documented as natural antibiotic, it is known to possess antibacterial & anti-inflammatory properties. It has been used in medicine for 5000 years.
  2. Ayurveda uses honey as ingredient in many medicine to cure asthma, vision problems, stress and sleep disturbance, eczema, dermatitis, vomiting, burns, arthritis, high blood pressure, obesity.
  3. The amino acids, vitamins and enzymes present in honey helps to improve fertility and potency.
  4. When bees prepare the honey it adds an enzyme which creates a small amount of hydrogen peroxide that can cure any skin or bacterial infections.
  5. honey is used as a moisturizerfor skin and face. Honey mixed with milk or yogurt is applied onto skin to prevent from any acne and moisturize to protect from harsh sun rays.
  6. Honey is also known to reduce the severity of the diarrhea. It also promotes natural potassium which is helpful during diarrhea.
  7. Helps to reduce gastroesophageal reflux disease that may result in inflammation and heartburn.
  8. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends honey as natural cough remedy. However, honey should not be given to children below 12 months old.


Tips and Recipes with Honey:

  1. Honey and lemon mixed with Luke warm water helps to cut body fat hence to reduce the weight. Make sure you have honey with Luke warm as more heat will destroy the important nutrients.
  2. Honey can be used for baking however it will cause browning and add more moisture.
  3. Honey with yogurt is believed to digest the food faster. So it can be added to your dinner with a fruit of your choice.
  1. Honey harvested from your surrounding location or in your country is the best honey for your health.
  1. When stored in an air tight container, honey does not have expiry date.




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