Cotton Anti Slip Bathmat


  1. Handloom Products which we are selling are directly collected from the weavers.
  2. We ensure the quality, type and then we finally deliver it to the customers.
  3. We deliver you the best and finest quality Handloom Product directly from the best weavers available in Kannur and all over Kerala.
  4. We ensure that the packing is good enough to avoid transportation impact.
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Cotton Anti Slip Bath Mat

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In India handlooms is a part of our tradition, culture and one of the main employment provider field. Handlooms stands a distinct place against Power looms in quality of the material, natural colors and its tradition. The Handloom product provides the richness and the high diversity which cannot be provided by the Power loom product which makes the Handloom product stands out. The Handloom sarees are well famous in the whole country. The handlooms are the one of the main product which was trading from India during the ottoman empire rule. It was the main product which was exported to the other countries.

The Handlooms culture is the second Largest Rural Employment provider next to agriculture. The Handloom culture is widely spread in the north India and South India mainly. In south India, Kerala has its own tradition in The Handloom culture. The Indian Handloom Industry is mainly seen in the urban areas where people used to make in their houses itself or a group of people works under one roof under a company or under a master weaver. These products then sell to the traders or directly exported to abroad where the demand is more there than comparing to the Indian market.

The Handloom Culture in Kerala:

            Kerala, the greenish land which is situated in between the romantic Arabian sea and the beautiful western Ghats, which is well known as the god’s own country has its own heritage and tradition. The first European which came to India was the Portuguese explorer “Vasco da Gama”. Kerala was well known and was very popular in trading with the abroad centuries ago.

The Kerala kasavusarees are well famous in the whole over the world and it is praised by the women because of Its quality, its fitness, the natural colour, and mainly the golden boarder provides very distinct style and tradition which makes them feels proud and stands out in the society. Most of the handloom weavers in Kerala are migrated from neighbouring states such as Tamil Nadu and Karnataka mainly. The handloom industry is the second to the coir sector in providing employment among the traditional industries of the state.

The handloom production starts in Kerala centuries ago. Back then the Traditional Handloom weavers are came from the neighbouring states by the kings and the rulers for their royal family. The handloom products are wore by the royal family members only. The Products are made from the finest quality raw materials and made by perfection.

The Handloom Industry in Kerala is mainly spread in the districts like Thiruvananthapuram, Kannur, Kozhikode, Palakkad, Ernakulam, Thrissur, Kollam and Kasaragod. The main products which are produced are Dhotis, Sarees, Mundu etc.

Kannur- “The land of looms and lore”

            Kannur is commonly known as the ‘Manchester of Kerala’. The Handloom culture in Kannur has a very distinct role in the Handloom Industry in the whole state which where export products of the state is mainly depended on the Handloom Products from Kannur. The main products are khadi, shirting, Made-ups, jacquard, Furnishing, Turkish towels, Sateen sheets Crepe such export oriented, and Lungies, Earezha thorthu etc. The Kannur ‘Mundu’ is a well-known variety in the domestic market. The Kannur sarees are also well popular among the public.

The main centres in Kannur districts are Kannur, Azhickode, Chirakkal, Kanhirode, Panoor, Kuthuparambu, Kalyassery. The Kannur Handloom Industry includes unorganized individual units which may be working in a home or a small-scale individual unit, khadi units which is mainly concentrated in the khadi products like the Dhoti, and finally Co-operative societies like with both the industrial and primary. The Handlooms are more dominant in the co-operative field.

Some of the popular weavers from Kannur are Kanhirode weavers, Irinave weavers, Chirakkal weavers, Morazha weavers, Kalliasseri weavers industrial co-op society, Taliparamba weavers. These are the weavers who makes above average profits in the Handloom Industry in Kannur. Because of their quality of the product, technologies used by them, designs, reasonable price and the reputation and the trust among the people makes these weavers stands out in the public and in the market.

As everyone knows handloom industry is facing many challenges, the major challenges include high price for the raw materials which results in higher price for the Handloom products and less production as it takes more time to weave products by comparing to power looms, Handloom weavers are weaving high quality product even though they couldn’t find proper market for their product using their limited resources available, Hence most of these weavers are running their units in lose, we promotes their products and meanwhile we act as a medium where they can meet and find direct costumers by standing as a middle man.

The handloom Products which we are selling are directly collected from the weavers. We ensure the quality, type and the reliability of the product and then we finally deliver it to the customers. We deliver you the best and finest quality Handloom Product directly from the best weavers available in Kannur and all over Kerala.


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